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8 Tips to Teach Your Dog Not to Pull on the Leash

Walking on a loose leash is a trick. It's just like sit, roll over, stay or fetch. Loose-leash walking takes a long time to become ingrained, needing anywhere from weeks to months of work depending on your dog. It requires patience and consistency from you as you help your dog along, the whole time trying to remember that your dog is learning to control his normal desires to behave how you want. Here's what you'll need to get started: No Pull Harness Leash Treats or toy that your dog loves Patience 1. Exercise your dog before leash-training activities As the saying goes, a good dog is a tired dog. Getting all the excitement and wiggles out before starting the training session...

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5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

As cold weather begins to roll in, neither you nor your pup is going to be incredibly excited about going outside. But don’t worry – we have some pet-friendly fall activities to keep your dog entertained indoors.

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