FurFurBuddy™ Pet Travel Bottle 2.0 (50% OFF)
FurFurBuddy™ Pet Travel Bottle 2.0 (50% OFF)

FurFurBuddy™ Pet Travel Bottle 2.0 (50% OFF)

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Keep Your Pets Happy & Hydrated on Walks!

Just like humans, it's super important that your four-legged buddy has adequate water on trips to prevent dehydration and heatstroke.

Our popular FurFurBuddy™ Pet Travel Bottle lets your pet drink comfortably without spillage and is super easy to operate even with just one hand. It's a must-have on travels with your furry companion!


"This must be the best invention ever. I use it every single day while taking my dogs on walks, it's super convenient!" - Pamela B.


Upgraded Features Designed for Travelling

【Easy to Drink From】 Feels comfortable for your pet and doesn't spill while drinking.

【Doubles as a Food Bowl】The drinking tray can also hold snacks so your pet can eat comfortably.

【Anti-Bacterial Filter】The built-in Activated Carbon Filter removes bacteria & impurities, giving your pet a safe drinking experience.

【Leak Proof】 Special sliding lock and silica seal ring prevents any water from leaking unlike conventional bottles.

【Travel-Size Retractable Design】 Fits right in your backpack & car cup holder. Retractable tray saves more space!

【Extreme Durability】Super strong & durable, doesn't break easily even if dropped.

【Safe For Pets】 Made from BPA-free material that is food grade and FDA-approved.


  • Holds 300 ml of water
  • Complimentary sling strap provided. This can be attached to the bottle and then tied to your wrist or bag.

Super Easy to Use

 Any unfinished water can simply be drained back into the bottle - just press the button and hold the bottle upright.

Perfect for Walks & Travels!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

All FurFurBuddy™ products are backed by a solid 100% money-back guarantee. If for ANY reason you aren't satisfied and want to return the item within 30 days, email us and we'll refund your full purchase. Every single cent!

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